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Struck By Cupid's Arrow - Love Poems By A Teenager

Reminded of You

As I was riding home last night,
I looked to the sky
And thought of you
When the moon caught my eye.

 Just like the month before,
It was full and low in the sky,
A bright orange and bigger than life,
The memories of before making me cry.

It was only a few weeks past
That you and I were so close,
And of the things I miss,
I miss your voice the most.

You mean so much to my life,
So much more than you will ever know,
And even though I tried to hide it,
It was hard to let you go.

I know you have to live your life,
To find out who you are
And even though you are a phone call away,
Your voice always seems so far.

As long as I live,
You will be in my heart,
And no matter the distance,
In spirit... we'll never be apart.

Whatever may come,
Whatever we may someday be,
Whatever may happen between us,
You will always be a friend to me.

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