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Struck By Cupid's Arrow - Love Poems By A Teenager

Below you will find all 92 love poems that I have written since 1998.  Be sure you have visited my home page.

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2003 Love Poems

Maybe I Loved You Then, I Love You Still

2002 Love Poems

What is It? Walking Alone

2001 Love Poems

Penalty Poor Heart
Intimacy No Better Feeling
Sad Surprise Wedding Day
Remembering the Past The Perfect Weekend
Fleeting Moments Could this Be?

2000 Love Poems

A Note to a Friend Three Months
Reminded of You Meant for Me
Across the Way  

1999 Love Poems

Shy Guy Seclusion
Don't Feel Down on Valentine's Day The Heart Changes with the Tides
Happy and Sad The Past is Forever
What is It? Prom
When I Met You Don't Go
With Love to You I Always Want It To Be...
One to One The Greatest Gift
Blanket of Love Intimate Friend?
Vows for Life Two-Faced
Today and Tomorrow Tonight
Distance Does Not Matter Something New
I Have... 20%
Patiently Waiting Falling for You
A Date Scraps of Thought
Closer Stabbed in the Back

1998 Love Poems

You Let Me Go That Is Love
You Need A... I Sit Here On Valentine's Day
Your Love, Your Cup of Hot... My Life is in Constant Motion
An Old Sea Captain You Have Never Noticed Me
I am Alone Sin
I am in My Heaven In Your Arms is My Safe Place
Spring has Arrived You are the Forbidden Fruit
A Dream When I Think of You
You Words Cannot Express
Why? The Train
A Memory A Special Place
I Weep My Heart Is Failing
I Have No Love Heaven
Get Well Soon Secret Treasure
Yesterday Give Me One Night
You are... I Wait
Homecoming I Am In Love With You
I Awake Sadies
Answer to my Prayers Day by Day
Goodbye Pleasant Surprise
In Reflection All I Need
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All poetry on this site is copyright 1997-2005 and the author reserves all rights.  Users are given permission to redistribute these poems for free so long as they include proper credit and a link back to this site.  Any commercial publication or redistribution is not allowed without the author's consent.  Email cupid@all-links.com if you have questions.


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