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Struck By Cupid's Arrow - Love Poems By A Teenager

I Loved You Then, I Love You Still

I loved you then,
I love you still.
Thinking of you
Still gives me a thrill.

I remember the day,
Seems so long ago.
Such an ordinary day,
But little did I know.

We met by chance.
There was nothing special about it,
There was no romance.

I met a lot of girls,
I thought they were all the same.
To be honest with you,
I didn’t even remember your name.

A couple days later you called,
I didn’t remember you then.
I wasn’t sure what to do,
But I said I’d meet you again.

I don’t remember what happened,
But the days became weeks.
It's funny that you find love,
When love is not what you seek.

At some point I fell in love,
When I do not know.
It was very hard for me to tell you,
But easy for me to show.

It's not easy to explain,
It's not even easy for me to say.
It's not that I am afraid of love,
It's that everyone thinks of love a different way.

We’re no longer together,
Something went awry.
I still think of you all the time,
And I know the reason why.

We may have broken up,
Our relationship went downhill.
But no matter what has happened...
I loved you then,
I love you still.


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