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Struck By Cupid's Arrow - Love Poems By A Teenager

Across the Way

As I sit here and smile,
And stare a little while,
At the girl in the black skirt,
With the beautiful white shirt.
I'm in luck.

One... Two... Three...
Four seats away from me.
Pretending to read your book,
I see you sneak a quick look,
Over at me.

I cannot help but think,
That you had spilled your drink,
While worrying about,
How you can speak out,
To talk to me.

Am I really fortunes foe,
Or do you truly want to know,
Why I am staring at you,
While pretending to fix my shoe.
Let me try something new.

I build the courage to stand,
But I feel my knees start to bend,
And worry that this might end,
With me stumbling to the floor,
And you running out the door.

Yet somehow I find the strength,
To walk the entire length,
Between my chair and yours,
Without stumbling to the floor,
Or you running out the door.

Now that I have made it to you,
I don't know what I should do,
So I decide to ask of you,
If I can sit in the chair,
Next to you... right there.

A dead silence falls over the table,
And I worry if I will be able,
To take rejection again this time,
To weaken further this heart of mine.
I stand here waiting for a sign.

What a relief when I see you smile,
And you ask me to sit down for a while.
At first the talk is somewhat strange,
Then something begins to change,
And my thoughts of you rearrange.

I thought of you as just beautiful,
Now I think you are adorable.
What I had was a shallow view,
But now I know much more of you,
And I begin to love you anew.

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